Fund raiser services

Raise funds for your 'Project'

WetWheelie loves to help our community succeed - "One project at a time" - through our FUND RAISER SYSTEM.

We provide a quality service to the community - cleaning trash cans.  When we partner for your fundraiser,  your role is to help market and sell the service to your sphere of influence.  We provide you a FUND RAISER ID number and a MARKETING TEMPLATE.  You make copies of that template and distribute it to your sphere of influence.  They order and schedule a service through our system using your unique fundraiser ID number.  We then service  the customer. We then remit back to you 25% of the service fee.  That's it - simple.  

Want to find out if your 'Project' will be a good fit, call us and lets discuss.  Ideal projects would be a scout troop raising funds for summer camp, a person in need of a medical treatment to help raise funds ( with cancer), School  club raising funds for a trip.  What might not work - You're late on your mortgage payment and need to raise money to keep from eviction OR raising money to by your first car or needing money for a date.

FAQ - 

Q:  Do you have to use our marketing template?   

A:  No, not necessarily.  What is KEY is that people you market to have YOUR FUNDRAISER ID.  

Q:  Can I advertise on social media?  

A:  Yes, just keep in mind we only service the greater St.George and Hurricane Valley area.  (Not Cedar, Enterprise, NY, Etc.)  IF a person out of area did order service, and we can't make it happen for them, we do refund.