Trash Can & Rain Gutter Cleaning

'Kicking Trash to the Curb'

Our Service in action

We just brought on this service.  We can still offer pest control through a third pary.

Our Services

Trash Can Cleaning

Trash cans are a nasty task!  But who wants to take a chunk of their day to do this?  We can clean cans fast for a fair price. 1- for $25, 2-3 for $35

Our system uses hi presure heated water to remove and clean the gunk.  Then we sprits the can with lemon and alcohol to get the can smelling fresh again.  Best of all, we haul the waste water and gunk away with us!

We recommend cleaning your cans 2 x's per year.  Of course we can clean as often as you like.

Rain Gutter Cleaning

Part of home maintenance, gutters should be clear of leaves, needles and general debris.  Who wants to get up on a ladder?  Reasonably priced at $1/ Linear foot (Min.$50) 

We use a tube/dual motor vacuum system that reaches upto 40' with a camera mounted so we can see what's there from the ground.

We recommend an annual cleaning on your gutters.  Some homes can go every other year.  Its up to you.


The easiest way is to order online, but if you have questions we can help - we're only a phone call away.

We're part of the Escape Properties group of property management companies serviing the Greater St George area since 2008